Charles Marcus was established in London in 1984 as a firm of Management Consultants providing advice to clients on corporate strategy. Independent contractors, often Australian, were sourced as required for each project.

From 1995 the associated firm of Chartered Accountants began to advise Australian contractors on their limited companies and personal taxation. This proactive advice increased the earnings of participating individuals. The success of this service led in 1998 to the opening of an office in Sydney.

The group was restructured in 2001 to work more closely with recruitment agencies, and other intermediaries, to source assignments for the expanding consultant base.

Charles Marcus concentrates on the needs of professional consultants mainly Australians and New Zealanders.

Assignments have been carried out in over 50 countries. These are managed through local companies in Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK.

Charles Marcus Ltd, Chartered Accountants, continues to advise directors/shareholders on the management of their own personal service companies.

Charles Marcus is focussed on Compliance. All consultants, employees and contractors are fully compliant with all local legislation of the country in which they are currently living and working.