Welcome to Charles Marcus

Charles Marcus is a multi-national network of management consulting firms with offices in 5 countries.

Our globally mobile consultants have worked in more than 50 countries. We often work on projects led by the higher profile consulting firms. We cooperate with recruitment agencies to provide resource solutions. We do not compete with them for end client contracts. Charles Marcus is focused on the needs of the individual consultant.

Our global reach allows us to enter into contracts with a recruitment agency in one country while employing a consultant to work in a different country, always compliant with the local legislation.

For our clients we operate an efficient billing service and payroll the consultants with complete local compliance.

Charles Marcus is focussed on Compliance with all local legislation of the country in which our consultants are living and working.

All Charles Marcus assignments are covered under our global insurance policies for Professional Indemnity for GBP 5m, equivalent to AUD 10m, Employers’ Liability GBP 10m (AUD 20m) and Public Liability GBP 5m (AUD 10m).